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Frequently asked question:

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you are free to cancel at any time. We do not store your payment details so we will never charge you without your approval. All payments are optional and there are no contracts beyond the month/ year.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts to users who plan on adding more than two accounts to IG Clerk. Please feel free to reach out and ask for a custom discount code for yourself.

What happens if I want to switch my plan in the middle of my subscription ?

Your new subscription will start automatically. We will refund your previous subscription depending on how many days are still left on it. This may take some time but is usually completed within a day. If nothing happens - please send us an email so we can process the refund for you.

How secure is IG Clerks?

Login Credentials are transmitted using our proprietary end-to-end encryption system which cannot be seen by anyone (including us). Nobody can access this information, it is never stored. It is only used to create a session on your behalf between the site and our Assistants mobile devices running the Instagram App.

We use HTTPS and PCI Compliant Security Standards - which is Bank Grade Security throughout the IG Clerk website. We never store any payment details on our website and will never charge your card without your full consent.

Will I lose my followers after I stop paying ?

We are an authentic and organic growth service. As such - you will not lose any followers even after you stop paying for our services. All followers and likes you receive will be there because the Users have chosen to give you their follow or like. Only Inauthentic and Artificial Services can 'remove' likes or followers.

What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds in most circumstances. In some special cases we may reject your refund request. This is because what we provide is a digital service. When you pay for the year/month you are saying 'please assign an assistant to work on my account for the year/month'. We unfortunately cannot re-imburse ourselves on labour costs. Please understand that you are commiting to that full month/year and this is a contract for a service. Refunds are granted at our discretion. For more - feel free to read our refund policy in full.

What plan is the 7 Day Free Trial based on ?

The Free Trial is a combination of Both Pro and Starter Packages. It is limited to 5 Targets, Email Support and No Account Manager like the Starter Package. But Also comes with Turbo Speed, and Includes Source Reports. So you can trial these more fairly.

If you were happy with the account growth and want key reports/insights into your growth with source reports to guide you - we would recommend going for the Pro Package.

Why are your plans so cheap - If Employing an Assistant is as expensive as you claim ?

Our Assistants are not like the ones you can hire. We assist them with personalized phones and they manage upto 50 accounts at once using their devices on differing mobile service plans.

They can do this because of the training & systems we have in place to aid them to juggle this many accounts. As a result of this - most of our Assistants work on this number of accounts on a full time basis very easily.

We use geo-arbitrage to get the most cost-efficient and effective Instagram Growth Assistants and so we can hire for cheaper. Even though, relatively speaking - they earn quite a handsome sum of money compared to others in the areas they live (often third world countries).

Most of our customers opt for the Pro Plan which means we can manage to keep our margins high enough to remain profitable through all the costs.

We are in the workings of writing up a blog post about our Hiring Process and other Internal processes so you can get more key insights on our operations.