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We are a 100% Manual Instagram Growth Service and we've figured out how to Scale. This means you pay less (starting at $19/month) and get a service that is Fully compliant with the Instagram© TOS. It's a Major Win, and we invite you to join us for a free 7 day trial to see how well we can grow your account today. No Credit Card Required.

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Save Time, Money And Get Results That Matter

If you're spending hours on Instagram without much to show for it then you need to change your mindset.. Or risk being left behind..

The average time spent on Instagram is 53 minutes a day. That translates to 26 hours a month using Instagram.

IG pricing starts at $19/month which is less than 3 hours of your hard earned hourly rate ($21 calculated on The US Minimum Wage).

"IG pricing starts at $19/month which is less than 3 hours of your hard earned hourly rate ($21 calculated on The US Minimum Wage)."

$19/month For a Social Media Growth Assistant to manage your account and grow it around the clock for you.

You might be thinking - ‘Yeah, It might be worth it but what about results ?'

Whatever you are doing on Instagram it’s probably not very efficient. Of all the users on Instagram just 5.6% of them have more than 10 thousand followers - that’s not much to show for 26 hours of work every month.

At IG Clerk, we’ve managed to consistently help our clients grow their reach by over 10 thousand followers. Here are some fun facts to back it up:

Fun Fact #1: 92.3% of our customers on the pro plan experience a gain of 1 thousand followers within the first 2 months.

Fun Fact #2: 68.5% grow beyond 10 thousand within the first year.

We beat the odds of growing your account beyond 10 thousand followers by 12..

Translation: Other users have a 5.6% chance of growing beyond 10 thousand. Just by signing up with us, you instantly increase your chance of growing past 10 thousand followers to 68.5%. That’s over 12 times better!

If you needed more reasons to sign up now for the 7 day free trial - All the methods we use are authentic growth strategies to get you real likes & follower.

Transparency is a key part of our business and we provide these growth strategies to everyone for free. You can use them yourself or hire us to get them done for you - It’s your choice.

We engage with real people to promote your account to the right audience. We also do it while being 100% compliant with the Instagram TOS so your account is always safe with us.

Your time, wallet and Instagram Account will thank you for signing up for a 7 day FREE trial today. No Credit Card, Obligation or Risk on your end. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Get your 7 day free trial.

No credit card required.

How does IG Clerk work ?

Our strategies are simple really - we will find users that may be interested in your profile. You can show us how to find them by telling us other users similar to you, hashtags or locations..

We then like or follow them on your behalf. When we do - they get a notification and check out your profile. We focus on getting as many people as possible to notice you.

Humans are driven to help those that help them. If you follow someone, they are very likely to follow back. When you like someones posts, it’s possible they will do the same.

We get you those eyeballs and users that want to return the favour. However, It's important to have content that talks to your audience. That’s what will set you apart from everyone else.

Don’t forget that. More people will return the favour If your posts resonate with what they stand for. It’s all about the people in the end. Give them what they want and they will give you what you want.

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Is this considered 'cheating the system' ?

"Isn’t this all cheating ?” - We’re blessed enough to have users that care about their followers. And it’s a question we get asked often.

When you sign up with us, you’re asking for a real person to help you grow your account. There’s nothing fake about it - you’re hiring an Assistant to get the boring stuff done for you.

We don’t comment or post on your behalf so the most rewarding and human-centered things about Instagram, remain your own. All that other stuff gets done by us; your Assistants.

What’s so wrong about easing your workload and removing things that you find repetitive so you get to spend time being the authentic voice of your account ?

Think of your followers. 80% of users on Instagram hear about and decide to buy a product or service on Instagram. The more people you can reach - the more lives you can change.

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Get your 7 day free trial.

No credit card required.

Do It The Right Way: Be Compliant with Instagram TOS

It’s not easy to be compliant with the TOS when growing your account. Not many growth services can make this claim. And if they do - their claims are questionable at best.

We comply with the TOS by:

Using manual growth methods with Assistants who are incredibly effective multi-taskers. We train them with a battle-hardened system that gets results. This means we never violate any Auomation / Spam rules.

We use the Instagram App - by itself - with no third party tools. We’ve built a proprietary login system which means we never store or see your login information. Ever.

All this means you are at a safe place if you decide to choose us. We have not lost a single account to any type of ban since we started our business in 2014.

No Fake Followers, Bots or Any Form Of Artificial Activity

Fake activity (Buying likes, followers etc) is easily noticed by Instagram and fake users will never get you or your business to a good place.

With our service, you can be assured that you will not get fake followers. Our growth strategies get real & relevant users to notice you.

We grow your page using natural and organic growth strategies which we give away for free. We encourage you to try them for yourself and only hire us if you need help.

We’ve also developed a list of in-house filters that can detect fake accounts from a mile away. These are all Instantly set up for your account when you sign up. No setup needed.

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Get your 7 day free trial.

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