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Some Insight Into Our Story and Why We Created IG Clerk

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IG Clerk was founded in 2019 - however our Journey begins before that. We started out with a humble vision : Provide a service to help Users Grow their Instagram Account for a relatively cheap price.

We started with a small customer base (for our beta) and kept improving our Systems and Hiring Processes till we KNEW we could provide immense value and maintain our cost of doing business at a good enough level to stay profitable.

Our Idea was Unique because it relied on Human Interactions rather than Automated Computer Systems like our Competitors. Something our customers absolutely loved

Lots of Instagram 'Growth Services' and 'Instagram Bots' out there right now violate the Instagram TOS in one way or another by doing one of a few things:

  1. They Use Automated Bots To Do The Grunt of the work.
  2. They Ask For and/or Store Your Password Insecurely
  3. They Misuse Your Account Data
  4. They Engage in Artificial, Immoral and Inorganic Growth Tactics
  5. They Charge A Significant Amount For The little Value They Provide

Fixing Our Industry

By Engaging in The Above Behaviour, our competitors put a lot of accounts at risk. Lots of Instagram Bots and Growth Services were shut-down because they were sued/called out by Instagram.

This left many customers with very little options. The 'growth' (mostly fake growth) that the services & bots provided was beneficial to their business but unfortunately till now, nobody could provide an alternative which was any better.

Our Unique Solution

When we set about creating the solution to the Issues with 'Growth Services' and 'Instagram Bots'. We knew it needed to be :

  1. Manual
  2. Secure - no passwords stored anywhere.
  3. No Misuse of Customer Data or Accounts Can occur At All
  4. Authentic, Organic, and Most Importantly - Moral
  5. Competitive in Price

This is where the idea of IG Clerks was born. To Address All the Concerns of Our Potential Customer and give them a valuable service which they can't live without. Our Team has since grown to encompass 200+ Locations. But we started with just a few Social Media Growth Assistants.

How we kept prices low

Our Assistants are not like the ones you can hire. We assist them with personalized phones and they manage upto 50 accounts at once using their devices on differing mobile service plans.

They can do this because of the training & systems we have in place to aid them to juggle this many accounts. As a result of this - most of our Assistants work on this number of accounts on a full time basis very easily.

We use geo-arbitrage to get the most cost-efficient and effective Instagram Growth Assistants and so we can hire for cheaper. Even though, relatively speaking - they earn quite a handsome sum of money compared to others in the areas they live (often third world countries).

Most of our customers opt for the Pro Plan which means we can manage to keep our margins high enough to remain profitable through all the costs.

We are in the workings of writing up a blog post about our Hiring Process and other Internal processes so you can get more key insights on our operations.

Wondering Who Works For Us?

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